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Femur Fracture

You can rest comfortably during recovery knowing that a professional and accomplished personal injury lawyer is going to bat for you and your family.


Femur Fracture


Hiring a personal injury attorney in Lancaster is as easy as receiving a free consultation with PARRIS. Our incredible staff will provide you and your family with personal attention, reconstructing your life after the accident from beginning to end, and providing you with a fast and fair resolution. Worrying about how you are going to support your family after an accident can lead to a rushed recovery, which could be physically debilitating and have long term consequences. Allow a specially trained personal injury lawyer from our practice guide you through the legal process and get the compensation you are entitled to. We want you to heal completely, and we know that is only possible if the responsible party assumes the financial responsibility for the accident that caused your femur fracture. Allow us to help prove your case, while giving you time to fully recover.


To help Lancaster residents determine whether another party is responsible for the injury received that resulted in a femur fracture, and if our firm can help hold them responsible for their actions, answer any of the following questions:

  • Is your injury the result of a car accident that was not your fault?
  • Were you injured due to the negligence of a company?
  • Did you sustain this injury at an event or entertainment venue?
  • Were you injured while working?
  • Were there posted warnings of a hazard in the location you were injured?
  • Were there any witnesses to your injury?
  • Did you seek immediate medical attention for the injury?
  • Have you been contacted by the property owners where the injury took place?


A femur fracture, or thigh bone fracture, can happen anywhere along the bone’s connection — from the pelvis to the knee. It is the longest bone in the body, and also the strongest, so fracturing it in any way takes incredible impact. In addition, there are tremendous amounts of life-line arteries that exist in the area, which means any injury within that physical region can be life-threatening, requiring immediate medical attention.


Each client injured with a femur fracture is assigned to a dedicated and committed personal injury lawyer who will instill confidence and resolution in their case. Every client’s situation is different, and we are able to adjust to their needs specifically, helping ease the anxiety of the process and promote a healthy lifestyle moving forward.

You can rest comfortably during recovery knowing that a professional and accomplished personal injury lawyer is going to bat for you and your family. Court proceedings can appear overwhelming and exhausting, especially to someone who is injured with a femur fracture, and is operating in a diminished capacity. Our attorneys will provide exceptional updates to your case throughout the process, and let you know exactly where you stand, and how we are going to recover your independence. We are partners in this process, and your physical, mental and financial health is our only priority.


When your family is counting on you for more than income, but emotional and physical support as well, a leg fracture can be a devastating blow to providing the foundation they have always depended on. We want to help return you to full strength physically, emotionally and financially by guiding you through the litigation process effortlessly. Accidents resulting in femur fractures should be countered immediately with the help of an accomplished personal injury lawyer.