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Skull Fracture

When dealing with the sensitive nature of facial and skull injuries, it is important to supply the city of Lancaster with an assurance of faith and commitment to their well-being. We will thoroughly review your case to provide a stellar approach to returning you to the independent lifestyle you enjoyed until the accident occurred.


Skull Fracture


If your ability to work is compromised, due to an accident resulting from the negligence of another, we would like to hear from you. We will assign a personal injury lawyer that will provide individual attention to your specific facial and skull fracture case in an effort to provide a fast and fair resolution. We offer free consultations, and can travel to meet you to discuss your accident if you are outside of the Lancaster area. Case resolution is our ultimate goal, and getting our clients the compensation they are entitled to, and handing their life back is what drives us.


Not all facial and skull fractures require a personal injury attorney. However, if you obtain a facial fracture due to the negligence of another person, company or event, and are able to establish that the offending party is responsible for your affliction, our dedicated personal injury attorneys can help you hold them responsible.

Here are a few things to consider when contacting us regarding any accidents:

  • Were there any postings indicating there may be a hazard to your health in the area?
  • Were you adhering to any warnings in the area, prior to the injury occurring?
  • Did anyone else witness the injury?
  • Did someone else physically cause the injury?
  • Is your physical or mental capacity compromised as a result of the injury?
  • Did you seek medical care immediately?
  • Has the person, company or event management staff contacted you?


Consulting with a loyal and dedicated personal injury attorney at PARRIS after any accidents have occurred will help deliver peace of mind for you and your family. We provide confidence and reassurance with every conversation, and are devoted to seeing you through the legal process smoothly and efficiently. You have already suffered enough as a result of your facial or skull fracture. Do not endure any more stress by worrying about how you are going to take care of yourself and your family. Let us take the pain and suffering away by holding the offending party responsible for your mental and physical anguish.


The Lancaster community knows that acquiring a facial fracture can lead to more than bruising on the outside. Accidents that cause impaired vision can be life altering, and a broken jaw can leave your mouth wired shut for over a month. Dental care is not cheap, and broken teeth can affect your ability to enjoy a balanced diet, not to mention slant your physical appearance.

Accidents that cause a skull fracture can be equally sidelining, and cause memory loss, confusion, the inability to concentrate and even brain trauma. These injuries cannot be overlooked for the sake of a paycheck, and when someone else is responsible for inflicting these injuries, it is our duty to hold them responsible so you can recovery properly.

Whether you develop a facial and skull fracture through an at work accident because of a fall or misuse of tools, or while you are enjoying a night out with friends and are inadvertently hit with an object that causes injury, you have the right to get your life back to the very moment before the incident occurred. We can turn back the clock and make you whole again.


Our qualified and caring staff will interview you, any witnesses and the medical staff who treated you to ensure the case moves forward positively, while providing confidence to your recovery in the process.

It is the duty of every personal injury lawyer on staff to provide a personal approach to your case, and to guide you through the process leaving no question unanswered, and no stone unturned when investigating your accident. Your case will be handle by a professional personal injury lawyer who will take pride in delivering the best legal outcome possible to help you recover quickly, without the burden of medical bills, loss of income and emotional distress taking over your life.