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Wrist Fracture

In most any profession a wrist injury can significantly affect your daily activities. Whether you are typing, working in a warehouse, working in construction or simply trying to keep up with a bunch of little ones at a daycare, the wrist plays an integral part in your ability to work efficiently.


Wrist Fracture


The wrist is comprised of eight separate bones that control the hand through the mechanics of the forearm. When any one of these bones is fractured, the pain is excruciating, and the entire hand becomes inoperable. The delicate composition of the bones harmed during a wrist fracture make for a long recovery, extended downtime and can even require multiple surgeries. We want to help you take the time you need to recover, and not worry about anything else in the meantime.


If you have been involved in an accident that ended in sustaining a wrist fracture, we want to help you hold the offending party responsible for your loss of income, and lack of function during your recovery. Before we can do so, we must be able to accurately establish who is responsible for the injury. We can do so by answering a few quick questions:

  • Were you in an accident due to someone else’s negligence?
  • Did you hurt yourself at work?
  • Was there an accident in public that caused your wrist fracture?
  • Is a company, event or occasion responsible for the injury incurring?
  • Did you seek immediate medical care for your injury?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident?
  • Is your ability to work compromised as a result of the accident?


The attorneys at PARRIS Law apply a dedicated approach to accidents involving a wrist fracture. We know that this injury will complicate the life of even the healthiest individual, keeping them from working, helping around the house and enjoying every day things in life. We will assign a committed personal injury lawyer to your case, and they will not rest until you receive fair compensation for your injury. It is not your fault that you cannot work, and someone must be held responsible for your piling medical bills, and necessary physical therapy appointments. We will hold them responsible, and provide you with a speedy resolution as a result.


Contact our office today to consult with a loyal partner to see you through the pain and agony of your wrist fracture from beginning to end. We are more than a personal injury attorney firm; we are committed to the cause of helping you regain your independence.