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What to expect when you hire PARRIS.

  • Teams

    When you hire us, you will get the personal attention you deserve.

    Your case will be assigned to a team that includes an attorney, case manager, assistant case manager, field representative and client-care coordinator. Each person is dedicated to helping you through every stage of your case.

  • Investigation

    We will conduct a thorough investigation of all circumstances surrounding your case. Our investigators come from a law-enforcement background, so you can rest assured knowing that your case is in experienced hands.

  • Case Management

    You can focus on healing while we take care of the heavy lifting. We will manage every aspect of your case and keep you informed of the latest developments. Communication is important to us; we will always keep you in the loop. Your team will always be available to answer any questions you have.

  • Settlement Demand

    Together we strategically determine when to make a settlement demand and work to reach a fair settlement value.
    Remember: You are part of the team that will decide the best course of action to take. The decision is ultimately yours.

  • Mediation, Arbitration or Trial

    If your case is litigated, we will guide you throughout the process. Whether your case settles at mediation, you decide to arbitrate, or if your case goes to trial, we will ensure that you are well-informed about your options and how a settlement or trial will affect your life.

  • Resolution

    Once your case has been resolved we conclude the process of confirming any medical bills and outstanding liens. Settlement documents will be prepared for your review and signature.

    Upon receiving your settlement proceeds you will have the opportunity to rate your experience with us.

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